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Monday, March 27, 2006

Do you realise that you have the most beautiful face?

On Saturday night I had a dream. It was a great dream. In it, I fell in love with a boy. Fell in love once and most completely. Just like the White Stripes did. Or Joss Stone. Or whatever. I was at a hall, like a scouts hall, and we were setting up for some sort of party or fair or cake sale or something. And me and this guy got talking, and we just had this huge connection. He was so pretty too. I was dissappointed when I woke up! It reminded me of the Flaming Lips song, Do You Realize. I don't know why, just did.

Its kind of sad that that dream was probably the high point of my weekend. Not that my weekend was crap, it was just exceedingly boring.

Emma and I hear about a "huge gigantic party with everyone from school going" and decide to go. Emma can't get to my house until 10ish, because she has to go and watch swiss mimes with the people she used to work with, and she can't get out of it. So around 10, she came over, and I got changed, she texted Sean to see if he wanted to come with, and we got ready to go. After getting changed 3 or 4 times, I decided to wear the clothes I had been wearing all day. Sean never texted back, and we decided to leave without him. We got to the party at 10.40. Snuck in the back way because we didnt have invites and who wants to pay $2 anyway? From outside, the party looked kinda of hopping. From the inside, it was clear that it wasn't. 6 people on the dance floor, all of them very drunk, and all of them people three years younger than us who were just starting to be allowed out after 10pm. They were surounded by a sea of smoke, aka dry ice, the enemy of contact wearers everywhere. As soon as we took a step into the hall, we were jumped on by people we hadnt seen in four months, who we had been vaguely friends with at high school, who squealed, OMIGOSH ITS SHHOO GOOD TO SEE YOU YOU LOOK SOO HOTT!!!11!1 and then moved on to the people standing behind us. So we moved outside, saw a few people we knew, Zoey and Theresa and Tahlia, chatted to them for a little while, and then they decided to leave. There was no one else there worth talking to so Emma and I went home too. It was 11.20 and we had been there 40 minutes max. It was definately not the most exciting party I've ever been too.

Was Dads birthday. We didnt do anything exciting even though the day before mum had said we were going out for brunch, so I got up early. Issy went to Girls Day Out with her friends, all the way over the other side of the city. Mum and Dad went to see Walk the Line, so I had to go and pick Is up, and then drop her friend Shayna home, and it took me over an hour. Mum promised me petrol vouchers, which I really could use, but she hasnt given them to me yet. Came home, and watched the final of New Zealand's Brainiest Kid. I love that show, they're such little nerds and I know if that show was on 7 years ago, I SO would have tried out. Made Dad a banana cake for his birthday since I'm too broke to afford a real present - it was a work of art.

All the family came around, well, two sets of Aunty+Uncles plus all the cuzzies, including my newest baby cousin Louie, who is only two weeks old!
Was supposed to do the first draft of my essay but I didn't. Didn't go to work, obviously, as I don't have a job anymore. CSI was a really crap episode, so I went to bed early.

I wish my friends were
a. More Interesting
b. Hadn't all (except Emma and Sean) left the country at the end of 7th form
c. Well actually I wouldn't mind some new Uni-type friends. But this seems an impossibility, since my Uni group is "the quiet group" and it seems like theres some unspoken law against doing stuff together outside of Uni hours. Hmph.

Ah well.

Oh, and this morning I was woken up by Carmy-Worm screeching outside my window. There was a rat in the backyard ("It was this big" said mum, as she held her hands 40cm apart) eating a piece of bread. I don't know what happened to it after all the shouting, but Ratty, DON'T EAT THE BLUE STUFF OR YOU SHALL DIE!
Also, when I went to have my shower, a mouse ran across the bathroom floor. It was tiny and cute though. I still screamed a little bit.

Oh, and I went to North Beach with mum, because she wanted to look at school bags for Worm. I fell in love with the nicest coat. Unfortunatley it was $250 and I don't have a job. GODDAMN PEOPLE, BUY MY TRADEME SHIT!


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