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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I've started knitting a scarf to gove me something to do on the bus.

So the mouse, the one in the bathroom, turns out it likes chocolate. Sensible mouse, I like chocolate too. But more specifically, this mouse likes easter chocolate in the shape of bunnies. Mum went to sort out the easter stuff she had brought my little cousins and the like, and there was holes in the bunnies ears, and nibbled feet. It had also started to eat the plastic on a bag of Cadbury mini-eggs, didn't make it through, but, alas, you can't give someone something in a nibbled packet, so, unfortunately, we just had to eat them!

Today I had my Machine Knowledge class, the last one. YAY now I have Tuesdays off! Roger, the tutor, is hilarious without realising it. He's about 70, and short and wiry. Last week he was wearing a trucker cap with an unintentionally suggestive statement on it. I can't remember what it was, but that was funny. The week before, he told Ellen that her name couldn't be Ellen because its a boys name, and her name SHOULD be Alanah. Today he taught us about the blind hemmer. Now, in a blind hemmer, the needle is curved, and moves from side to side - apparently the same sort of needle that they would use to stitch up a person...Roger felt he had to demonstrate this by telling us about one time when he fell off a moterbike and got his mouth mangled. He went on about the beautiful nurse who stitched him up, and how he couldn't feel a thing because she had clutched his head to her busom!
I couldn't get the blind hemmer to do what it was supposed to, and then after class, I had to re-do some overlocker samples, so I was last to leave. I went out to wait for the lift, and just as it pinged to say it was there, a thing walked out of the hallway next to one of the classrooms. I got such a shock - its not everyday you see someone wearing a face-shielding helmet and leathers on the 6th floor of a design building. It only took me a few seconds though, to realise it was Roger, about to go home on his motorbike!!!


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