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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Red Streaks on my Technical Visual Diary

After having red fingernails all summer long, and then having no fingernails (I don't actually mean no fingernails, I mean no nail polish) since being at Uni, I decided on a whim to paint them this afternoon.

Then I was sitting at home (on a Saturday night, yes, I know...) doing homework - which was drawings of different types of skirts into my technical visual diary, something that has to be tidy and precise and done in black ink pen. After around an hour I stoped and had a look back at the drawings I'd done already and realised the red nail polish was scraping onto the page and leaving a crayon-like mark.


Its now 1am. I did about 24 skirt drawings...approximately 1/20th of my visual diary. Luckily I have until the end of May.

My throat really hurts. I wish I would stop getting sick all the time. Damn stupid cold.


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